12. 9. 2011

Immortal Technique & 2pac - Back to the Past Mixtape (Remixed by Jointdale )

[Image: it2paccopy.png]
2.Immortal Technique Ft 2Pac-Crossing The Boundary(Jointdale Remix)
3.Immortal Technique Ft. 2Pac-Point of no Return(Jointdale Remix)
5.Immortal Technique Ft. 2Pac-Harlem Streets(Jointdale Remix)
6.Immortal Technique Ft. 2Pac-You Never Know(Jointdale Remix)
7.Immortal Technique Ft. Jean Gae and 2Pac-The Illest(Jointdale Remix)
8.Immortal Technique Ft.2Pac-The 3rd World(Jointdale Remix)
9.Immortal Technique Ft 2Pac & Notorious Big-Creation and Destruction(Jointdale Remix)
10.Immortal Technique Ft 2Pac-Internally Bleeding(Jointdale Remix)
11.Immortal Technique Feat 2Pac,AZ-Industrial Revolution (Jointdale Remix)
12.Immortal Technique Ft. 2Pac-Leaving the past(Jointdale Remix)


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