17. 2. 2012

xCYPHERx - Welcome To Cyph City (Mixtape) (2011)

1. Intro f. xResttox (Produced by Dj Hollywood)
2. All Day f. Tino (Produced by Dj Hollywood)
3. Edge Nation (over RED NATION by Game)
4. Warning Interlude
5. Human Passion (Produced by Misanthropy Beats)
6. Phone Call Skit
7. She's a Killer F. Phil and Tino (Produced by vxDEDxv)
8. Feelin It (Produced by June Bugg)
9. Break For Beats F. Tino (Produced by Taylor Michael)
10. Cyph City (Produced by JRMakesBeats)
11. Big Black X's F. vxDEDxv (Produced by vxDEDxv)
12. Venting To Ceremony (Produced by xCYPHERx)
13. I Don't Do This (over YONKERS by Tyler The Creator)
14. Dougie Skit
15. xSuicide Girlsx (Produced by vxDEDxv)
16. Sober Till It's Over F. vxDEDxv, xGFMx, Subliminal, and Edge W. The Dreads (Produced by vxDEDxv)
17. Outro


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