16. 7. 2012

Black Power Salute

 (en) A film about one of the most iconic images of the 20th century, the moment in which the radical spirit of the Sixties upstaged the greatest sporting event in the world. Two men made a courageous gesture at the 1968 Mexico Olympics that reverberated around the world and changed their lives forever. There were a number of unforgettable performances at the ’68 Games, but the enduring image didn’t take place during a race. After receiving gold and bronze medals for their wins in the 200 m race, Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their gloved clenched fists on the podium during the Star Spangled Banner. They were subsequently banned from the Games for life. What inspired them to make their protest? Why did it carry such a powerful message? And what happened to the unlikely revolutionaries following the Games? Black Power Salute reveals the untold history behind one of the most controversial moments in Olympic history.

(sk) Film o jednom z najsymbolickejších momentov dvadsiateho storočia, v ktorom radikálny duch šesťdesiatych rokov zatienil najväčšiu športovú udalosť vo svete.

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