30. 9. 2012

DISL Automatic - Power to the People *České titulky* (od Memento Mori)

Sleduj nový překlad od chlápka jménem DISL Automatic.
Jeho vlastní bio a co o sobě říká: Originally from Montengro (former Yugoslavia) but lived in Chicago most of my life. Currently getting ready to release my debut mixtape called "Power To The People Vol.1" which will have two feature official music videos created by the world-renowned Globalfaction from England.

 I'm a Human Being, a Natural Person, a Raptivist and a Flowtivational Speaker. I stand for Peace, Love, Freedom, Liberty, Equality, and Justice for ALL! I Get Big On 'Em, meaning that I Grow and Expand, Mentally and Spiritually. Hopefully I can help others do the same as well.


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