30. 6. 2014

Sun Rise Above - Kamikaze - české titulky

Sun Rise Above je komunistický rapper z amerického New Yorku, který v jeho revolučních textech nejen kritizuje okolní dění, ale přináší i možnou alternativu. Zkopírovaná anglická biografie viz níže -

Since first emerging in the dark and dreary underground several years ago, Sun Rise Above has never lost sight of his artistic vision. Even as hip hop has continued to grow more heavily commercialized and debased, Sun R.A. has stood fast to his promise to delivery rhyme with reason, pioneering his own sub-genre called "Hiphopraganda."

Sun Rise Above officially broke onto the scene in 2003, with his debut album Global Warning. The soulful, and at times dark album made Sun's burgeoning critical views of capitalist society available to a large audience for the first time. The album was appreciated by listeners and critics, leading to live performances throughout the United States and appearances on several radio stations.

Always political, critical, and thought provoking, the Sun doesn't only shine light on the problems; he also presents solutions. On his 2005 release This Means War!, Rise Above found himself taking an even more outspoken stance than his earlier work, while obviously evolving musically. Songs like "Upside Down," "In America," and the title track make this clear.

In 2007, Sun released a mixtape of collaborations, greatest hits, and near misses, entitled Blood In The Streets boldly labeled "Hiphopraganda." When asked about this label by an interviewer the artist replied, "It's a new genre, and the only thing that can describe what I'm doing."

"When I first started doing this, hip hop was what mattered, and I was just mixing in some politics," he continued. "But as I progressed, politically, hip hop took a back seat, and I viewed my music as just another realm of political work; of building for revolution."

Over the years, Rise Above's musical mission has been assisted by a fresh crop of producers from around the world, including 7wounds (Maryland), Rendesten (Denmark) -- who Sun R.A. describes as "A straight up prodigy" -- and KP aka Don P (Finland).

Lyrically, few can express their views like Sun Rise Above. On the innovative concept song "Dollar Bill" from his Prisoners Of War album, which was originally slated for release on Paris's Guerrilla Funk label, Sun rhymes from the perspective of money, boasting "I move from man to man, hand to hand, land to land, I'm filthy / Used to melt me in the old form of gold, I moved on / To paper currency, now I'm the only paper that you care about / Numbers tattooed on my back track my whereabouts." On the eerie "Dednim Lanimirc" (Criminal Minded spelled backwards) on his debut album, Rise Above speaks from the perspective of perpetrators committing horrifically violent crimes. "Stars and Bars" from the same album perfectly exemplifies Sun's metaphorical skill as he describes the 13 stripes in the American flag as bars "that imprison the mind" via blind nationalism. Every Day I Wake Up On The Wrong Side Of Capitalism's "The Rub" finds R.A. spitting over a soulful track that guarantees to have even the stiffest cat in the place nodding their head as he leads the chant "No sellout, no sellout!." On "Customs" from This Means War!, he flips the hit track "Ima Hustler" and rhymes from the perspective of the often-forgotten drug users and smugglers.

With a collection of banging beats and thought provoking lyrics, Sun Rise Above is in the best musical shape of his life, and he's determined to make his music known worldwide. "I just want to be heard. I have something important to say, and it deserves your attention." As he said in the song "On The Block" from the United Front album with 7Wounds and Lazarus, "The revolution is coming as soon as we open our eyes up!"
"Reframing Public Enemy's uncompromising calls for revolution within a more millennial sonic paradigm, Sun R.A. manages to give political rap its groove back. That's not to be confused with groovy, of course; R.A.'s beats charge from the gates with all the thoroughbred intensity of the [Wu-Tang] Clan's." - Editor, CNet

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